Written by Eleena Mendis

The entire world has seized up with the fright of the Coronavirus. Regardless of physical, societal, and economical or even religious boundaries, the number of victims has been increasing since January 2020. Nearly, the whole world is suffering from the virus and fighting for their lives while many people decided to give up. A pandemic is nothing new to the world. But for us as Sri Lankans, the Coronavirus pandemic situation is the very first global outbreak to experience with many difficulties.

All of a sudden, we had to postpone our day to day life. The country has been on lockdown for months. As we all know, sanitizing and social distancing are the precautions to avoid the risks, which seems quite simple, but complex in the act. Doctors, nurses, security forces, and some other laborers have been providing their good-will, and become today’s essential workforce to contribute with the system. They dedicated to serving their nation by sacrificing their personal lives and loved ones on behalf of their duties. 

This drastic incident has become one of the most sensitive topics around the world. Even some governments admired by their voters for taking sudden but harsh actions over civilians to control the outbreak. Is Coronavirus dangerous? Yes, it is, and it is highly contagious with the ability to kill millions of people by suppressing their breath. But isn’t it more dangerous what the other half of the world is facing right now? Isn’t it more serious what hidden behind the bigger picture of the pandemic? 

More than 250,000 people died, and in the meantime, two-third of the population has lost their employment and wages. Some of them are fighting for breath and starving to death every single day. These problems are more viral and dangerous than the biological impact of the virus. These are the problems, created by humans over the past decades. Nonetheless, the discussions on pandemic outbreaks to attack the capitalized system have vastly taken into attention by many authorities, since America and other powerful countries got extremely affected. Did they put any effort into changing their social-orders or bringing equality on the ground-level? The truth is not visible but buried.

Do you still believe Coronavirus is bigger than poverty? Comparing to the recent outbreak incident in the month of May 2020, which took place in Maligawatta, Sri Lanka, reveals the hidden picture of many untold stories. Three women were dead due to unbearable compression amid the crowd. Over three hundred people gathered there for two thousand five hundred rupees, which is less than $15, and stood over their lives because surviving against poverty is harder than getting cured by the Coronavirus disease.

We do not need another CSR (corporate social responsibility) project, a marketing campaign, or a political campaign that nourishes capitalism. We need true humanity for a better chance, and we must stand together.

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