Written by Licia Simoes

Are you looking for some motivational reading? Something quite similar to “Change your physical and mental health in only five minutes,” then you have bluffed yourself. I suggest that you need counseling.  

Considering the physical health of individuals, maybe you have already experienced some back strain or knee pain, or most probably, somewhere in your body is hurting right now. And you want to get rid of that pain in the fastest way possible. Have you ever thought the movement can be an ideal solution? Does that sound easy for you? I don’t think so. Because in a world held under the motto—”I should have done that yesterday,” would lead us to absorb negativity, and still, spending one hour, three times per week, seems a waste of time. Trust me; that is the most popular excuse which I ever heard of, and if I provide a solution for that, there will be more consequences to come henceforth. Specifically, I would never appreciate an excuse because an excuse is when you say to your aunt if you don’t want to go to the family dinner.  

Considering excuses, it detailed my mind to describe how our ancestors had actively occupied with hunting and gathering. They were too busy to expect a break for them to rest. Though they continually searched for anything to accumulate by using their energy, therefore, they had been fit and healthy. The most exciting fact is that they used to chase animals until it gets exhausted before the final hunt. That had caused them to increase an immense amount of good health. But nowadays, as a part of human evolution, we as the fully matured humans take evolutionary reasons to be lazy. Evolutionary reasons: we became more advanced in lifestyle, we don’t need to go hunting or gathering because we got home delivery services, we have a house and a bed to sleep with paid rent and bills, we don’t need to run because we have public and private transportation, we don’t have to walk because we have hoverboards. So, we use those evolutionary reasons as an excuse to become that lazy bed-warmer, who eats junk-food laying on a sofa watching TV 24/7. 

As always, we only take a step forward when we need some urgent and immediate change in our life. But the bad news is: physical exercise cannot compare to taking a magical pill you only need to swallow once in a lifetime. It’s a routine that you need to bring throughout your entire life. So, let’s reschedule your daily agenda by giving priority to your physical activity in the same way you take time to brush your teeth. I am positive that your body and mind will sincerely appreciate yourself when you start to take care of it like other primary wants and needs in your life. 

The most important and factual bits of facts are that physical activity will enable you to jump without fearing a knee pain, you will be able to run along to the bus while not having any tiredness, you will get out of a chair actively, and you do not need to stop the movement because of some low back pain. Physical health and moral strength benefits are endless.  

Isn’t it the marvelous thing to own a healthy heart along with a positive mind? So, let’s take the first step: book an appointment with a personal trainer or a Pilates instructor, then join a gymnasium where you can sign up for swimming or martial arts classes. The essential advantage is in taking a step further. 

Though you might feel embarrassed in your first class, or you probably think hundreds of times, “I want to quit because I was never born to this.” However, physical exercise is the change that comes with baby steps, not as a miracle. Gradually, you will start feeling little differences in your body during your daily life. The table will no longer be heavy, and you will finally touch the floor without bending your knees. 

Remember, physical mindfulness is something that you must keep in your daily routine for your whole life, and I can assure you: you will hesitate to give up or miss a session with your personal-trainer. So, your life will become easy and pleasurable for you to experience the best.

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