Omal Arachi

Editor - in - Chief

Omal has gained experience in writing for many years by jotting down his thesis while developing his writing skills. His researches and education in Business and Human Resource Management allowed him to write professionally while serving as a Human Resource Executive throughout his career. Creative writing has become his hobby and passion since he was a teenager, and he finished a Novel that he is waiting to publish in the coming years. Previously he worked as a Music Producer and a lyricist and completed an unpublished instrumental album. He has a great interest in Philosophy and Psychology with a dream to continue his studies further relating to those specific subjects and theories.

Charbel Tadros


With an eclectic skill set ranging from writing and publishing different genres to creating and managing websites for over 20 businesses, Charbel finds enjoyment in reading long fantasy or scifi series. His passion is in finding people with potential and helping them reach it.