About iWrite Magazine

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With a mission to establish a platform for freelance writers to publish their articles, iWrite Magazine created an everlasting concept that has an academic value as well as a discernment of motivation. There are millions of writers, regardless of their passions, waiting to make their ideas heard, but unfortunately, lack of attention caused them to fall behind without any concerns. That is why iWrite Magazine decided to dedicate this platform for those writers to publish their articles.

"Reading maketh a full man."

Sir Francis Bacon
The readers get the chance to read and assess a variety of articles from different authors. We aim to increase the academic value and the references of the content as much as possible. Accordingly, students will be inspired by authors, and they can retain the originality of their articles’ content through a separate bibliographical booklet which will be available upon request.

"We dare to serve for knowledge because we believe knowledge offers the path to survival."